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Tea tray, Lyme Hall, Cheshire

Not all written interpretation needs to be printed on panels and labels.

In 1901, the girls who grew up at Lyme Hall, Cheshire, were educated at home by a governess – Fräuline Angeline – while their older brothers attended Eton. They complained that when the boys were home from school they ate with the adults in the dining room, while the sisters had to eat in the schoolroom with their teacher.

There are many potential ways of interpreting this story to visitors to Lyme, but I rather liked this take on it, printed succinctly onto the tea tray and sewn into textiles, making it all the more personal. I’m talking about short form interpretation at the Museum Next conference in London this week, along with the great interpreters from ATS Heritage, and will be using this as an example of concise storytelling.