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Brymbo Man interactive, Wrexham County Borough Museum

When museums invite me to leave feedback,  I’m often not inspired to – perhaps because I don’t think it’ll have any impact, perhaps because I suspect nobody will read it, and maybe even because I don’t feel like I have anything useful to contribute (apart from constructive criticism of their interpretation, of course).

But at Wrexham Museum recently I was struck by this example of a comment card board. Visitors are invited to leave a question for Brymbo Man, the museum’s famous Bronze Age body – if we could him one question what would it be?

And then there’s a link to a tumblr page where the questions have been answered by Brymbo Man himself – or at least a member of staff posing as him. What a super idea!

One of the great things about prehistory is that often leaves us asking more questions than we have answers. This interpretive device means the experience of encountering the object – and the questions that come from it – can continue well beyond the museum visit. It can also be discovered by virtual visitors, zipping about the Internet. Great stuff.