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Mosaic of the Good Shepherd, National Museum of Lebanon, Beirut

This idyllic scene of a shepherd, surrounded by animals and plants living in harmony, has obvious signs of a less than tranquil history. During the 1975-1991 Lebanese Civil War, the museum in which it is housed stood on the front line that separated the warring militias in Beirut. Sadly the building suffered extensive damage, but thanks to the efforts of staff, who entered the warzone in order to try and protect the collection, many objects were saved, despite looting, shelling and direct hits.

The mosaic (500–700CE) from a church in Jnah was hit by sniper fire, but sealed into a wall the majority managed to survive.

The image of the good shepherd comes from pagan iconography and symbolises goodwill. Today it's not only a reminder of things that can divide us, but also of what can bring us together in peace.